Thursday, October 22, 2009

What A Difference A Win Can Make

Since the start of the season, Islanders fans have been faced with mutiple obsticals. Starting with the first game, a shoot-out loss to the Cup champ Penguins, owner Charles Wang publicly stated that he will be looking at other options for his Lighthouse Project, and his Islanders since he did not get a definite answer from the town of Hempstead. Since then the Islanders have blown leads, played poorly, and in once case, got out-plyed by Buffalo to go winless in 6 straight games.

From some of the articles and comments I have read on the web everything from the coach possibly being fired, to a GM defending his players, to no real enforcer (again) on a small-sized team, to bringing up AHL players, to replace players on one-way contracts, to waiving probably a third of the team, to not signing ANY free agents over the summer, proving once again certain fans are better, and should be the GM.....and so on and so forth.

But look what happens after a win by the Isles. Now all of a sudden certain players are being worshiped; no trading or waiving of certain players; that one FREE AGENT playing next to Tavares is scoring the big goals; and their star players wins it for the team in a shoot out. Now fans are saying things like "Great game, but need to start winning in regulation." I agree, but when your team is winless but still collecting points from the overtimes and shoot-outs, the drama queens need to shut up, and let the team come together to figure out how to win on a regular basis.

Let's remember: EVERYONE is healthy at this point (Hunter back by next week). By tis time last year, I'd say 2-3 players on injured reserve? This team is practically brand new, and the new players on here are still getting to know each other on the ice.  It's only the 7th game of an 82 game schedule. We're still in October. Here is a point for fans: The first 10 games of last year, the Islanders registered 5 points. Guess how many they have after 7? You guessed it, 5! Only 3 more games and maybe 3 more points, and what do you have? Improvement.

So the next time the Islanders go into a funk, don't be the National Inquirer of the Islanders, or play "GM." Start going to the games, give the team support, and confidence so that when they start winning, you won't remember the first six games.

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