Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Isles Not Interested In Luongo

My take: there's two possibilities here: 1. Nabokov is still close to signing 2. The Islanders may have their eyes on someone else for the short term. But at least now, as of this post, the Isles will not be pursuing Luongo. Could that change on draft day, maybe, but not likely. The longer Nabokov goes unsigned, the less likely he is to return. But if the Islanders stick to their plan, then the Poulin/Nilsson combination will be the future of the organization and there may only need to be a short term goaltender for this coming year. If Nilsson has a season worthy of being brought up, then the Isles will not need a starting goalie for more than a year. I also believe that is why DiPietro may not be bought out until next year. DP could at least be a backup to Poulin this year if something happens to the starter. If it's clear Nilsson is ready, DP will be bought out next year.  

Update 5:30pm

Well, there goes possibility number one. I'm going to say this now: The draft on Sunday will be interesting. Given that Snow has made trades before draft day, look for something to start by Saturday. If a trade does not work out...we'll worry about that on Monday.... 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scuderi Appears A Non Option For Isles

My Take: I've said this before folks, Brian Strait is their number 4 and he should be. I've seen him play too many times up here in Pennsylvania and many Penguins fans believed he was an NHL defenseman when he was there for the baby Penguins. The talent pool was just too much in Pitt and the Isles made a great move. This is where fans are really gonna have to start trusting Garth Snow some more. Could the Isles use a little more size on defense, agreed. Do they need to do that now, or in July? No. Give Strait a chance over the full season and you'll see why players like Scuderi are not needed on the Island.

First It's Luongo, Then Bernier, Now Back To Luongo

From Joe Yerdon:

 Where does Roberto Luongo go now?

 New York Islanders: Rick DiPietro isn’t the answer and Evgeni Nabokov is an elder statesman who looked weak in the playoffs. He’s also a free agent this summer. The Isles also have a disgruntled prospect who reportedly wants out in Nino Niederreiter who would make a great trade chip. The two teams have been linked before, so why not send Lu back to the Island?
My take: Folks, this has more to do with bad contracts than it does the players. In order for a trade to work, DiPietro would have to be involved. Vancouver would have to buy out one of these contracts. On the plus side, I think Luongo would be an upgrade over Nabokov and could get a few more years out of him while the obvious downside is his contract. Forget the money, it's just too long. Anything more than 5 is just too much. The Islanders have to see what they have in Poulin and Nilsson this year, which is why I will say again, I don't think the Islanders HAVE to buy out DP this summer. Signing Nabokov to a one year deal allows the Islanders the flexibility they need to make proper moves either heading into the season or at the trade deadline. If Niederreiter gets his shot at the NHL and makes the club out of camp this year then there is no disgruntled prospect who wants out. He just wants to play in the NHL.  He's had a good junior career, made the AHL All-Star team and now is just looking for a chance to prove his worth to the Islanders or anybody else.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bernier Saga Continues

From Tim Panaccio:

 The Leafs, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild and the New Jersey Devils reportedly are in the bidding, but sources say Toronto might be offering more than others are willing to pay.
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My take: This is one of two scenarios: 1. The Kings are just mentioning the Leafs to help drive up the price for Bernier 2. The Leafs are this crazy. It's too soon yet, but in another week this should get resolved. The Flyers may no longer be in the running for Bernier as well and they will keep their starter Bryzgalof at least for more season. If scenario 2 is the case, then you should count the Islanders out as well. The Kings need some cap relief and it appears the Kings are looking for an established forward already in the NHL. I've been saying this on twitter, if either the Islanders or Devils are mentioned in a rumor such as this, the percentage of a trade happening drops significantly. The Islanders will not bet the farm on a career NHL backup with a future. We're used to seeing Toronto make crazy trades, let them continue that trend.   

Update: 4:16pm Bank on this folks!!

Update: 5:50pm because people like drama


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ullstrom to KHL

From Ullstrom himself via twitter:

As I stated on Isles Talk this was not a surprising move. Colin McDonald can be a third line winger before Kirill Petrov comes in two years. Ullstrom was a good AHLer but just couldn't get a starting spot with the big club and putting him down on the fourth line would have been a step back. The KHL is the middle child of the other Leagues so Ullstrom should improve on his game. The question is at his age, would the Islanders retain his rights? Possibly. Good luck to David.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Petrov New York Bound

From RSports:

The New York Islanders have given Kirill Petrov the incentive of a guaranteed place in the roster to ensure he switches to the NHL when his contract in Russia expires a year from now, his agent says.
The article goes on to say, that Petrov still has one year remaining on his KHL contract with Ak Bars Kazan and may not come over until he finishes his contract. Petrov had 25 points in 65 games last season, so in my opinion, he can stay one more year. He's not a top six forward on this Islanders team, so I have no issues of him finishing up his contract first, then getting a third line role when he arrives. Even if he does make the team, this was a great draft pick by Snow as Petrov was considered a first round pick, but because he was non-committal to crossing the pond, he dropped into the Islanders lap in the third round of 2008. Another possible big move for the Islanders.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Isles Chances At Bernier

Photo courtesy of
Islanders fans, including myself have agreed that the goaltending situation is to be the biggest mystery this coming offseason. There's no secret that many Isles fans would love to get their hands on Jonathan Bernier, the Los Angeles Kings backup goaltender who could be a starter for any team in the NHL right now. But the Islanders would are not the only ones that want Bernier. According to Pierre LeBrun, ESPN and TSN analyst had this to say about Bernier's trade status:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Streit To Philly for 4th Rounder, Harper

Streit was not going to resign with the Islanders, so this was a great move by Snow. Again, building a team through the draft has been a key to the Islanders present and future success, so getting a pick like a fourth rounder in net years draft was a great move. From what I've read so far, Harper is a restricted free agent who is more like a B prospect, whether the Islanders qualify his rights remain to be seen, but in my opinion, getting something for a departing player was a great move.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Striet, Boyes Not To Return; Nabokov May Still Sign

From Arthur Staple of Newsday

Well if you read my article from May 28th, then you wouldn't have been surprised by this announcement. If you read the Newsday article it states that Striet is looking beyond 5.5 million dollars, which he may get from another team, but it's not within the Islanders budget. So now that offseason free agent is taken care of, who replaces him?

Again, not surprised by Matt Donovan's name being mentioned here. Last year, it was stated that one of three: Calvin de Haan, Aaron Ness or Matt Donovan may make the big club if the season were to start in September. After one year, only Donovan has shown that he is ready for full time duties on Long Island. Again it's a luxury of drafting well and not having to go out and spend six million dollars on one player when you may have some else who could do a better all-round job for a lot less.

Just to add a small piece, if Staple thinks Nabokov comes back, I would count on that to likely happen. look for a one year deal with a nice raise. 

Staple also is suggesting Brad Boyes will probably not return, but I would not count on Nino Niederreitter automatically penciled in as the first line winger. There is plenty of competition come camp time, but he is probably the most NHL-ready player the Islanders have at right wing. I still say that draft day should be an interesting one anyways. Twenty-five more days to go.

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