Friday, March 02, 2007

DiPietro Learns The Hard Way....Again

When we lose, we blame DiPietro. When we win, we praise him. That is why he alone is responible for the Islanders playoff push and future. Yes, Jason Smyth and the rest of the Islanders will have to do their part, but in the end, the puck must go through DiPietro in the net for the other teams to win. DiPietro must grow up after this "loss" to St. Louis. Give credit where it's due, the Blues worked for their two points, but when your goalie holds a stick and thinks he wont get caught, is not acceptable this time of the year. DiPietro must remain focused and discliplined if he wants any success this year. Should he be blamed for losing the game? No, this is a team sport, and his fellow teamates also did not perform well those last three minutes of the game and deserve the same treatment. Should DiPietro be blamed for that last goal? Most definitly. Most Islander fans will almost surley have his head if he attempts to do that in the playoffs. Note to Rick: Play smart, and learn from your mistakes, and don't repeat what happened last night.

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