Friday, February 26, 2010

MacDonald Part of Islanders Future

According to multiple media outlets, defenseman Andrew MacDonald has signed a four-year contract extension.

So far the only long term defenseman on the Islanders are Streit and MacDonald. This is a very good signing for the Islanders as they are finding out who belongs with this team for the the long term. I would not be surprised if Jack Hillen was next to get a contract extension. As for MacDonald, he could very well be a 20 minute plus a game defenseman who plays a very disciplined game. For now I won't rank him in terms of depth because next year is not too far away and there will be more changes coming to this team before the March 3rd trade deadline.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Islanders Rumors

From Pierre Lebrun of ESPN

Everyone knows Martin Biron (who started Saturday afternoon) will likely be moved before March 3, but from what I'm hearing, the Islanders would also be willing to move Dwayne Roloson for the right price. Unlike Biron, Roloson is not an unrestricted free agent on July 1; he has another year on his deal at $3 million, although his cap number is $2.5 million. The obvious concern is he'll be 41 for the second year of the contract; but given the way he's played this season, you can't help but wonder how he couldn't help a team in these playoffs.

Another Islander likely on the move is towering defenseman Andy Sutton, who is UFA July 1. The Islanders received a lot of calls on him Friday and will almost surely move him by March 3. He's a solid pickup in the Hal Gill, shot-blocking, penalty-killing type of way.

Now I am starting to see more and more of this particular rumor. So for now, Roloson and Sutton are one and two on the list of players rumored, followed by Biron. I still say this list will grow, however given the decent returns of similar players already traded, look for the Islanders get at least 2 more picks in this years draft, and a player now to help the team.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Problem With Islanders Rumored Players: Not Enough

Between now, and 3:00pm tomorrow, I'll be reading around to see if there are any players that are truly on the trade block before the Olympics. As of right now there are some players who are gaining interest, but more than likely may not be moved until the actual trade deadline of March 3rd. the following players have been mentioned in recent trade rumors:

Andy Sutton

Martin Biron

Dwayne Roloson

This is not in any particular order, but here is my problem. With all the other veterans that the Islanders have, it's just these three. Since I believe most/all will not be signed for next season, this should be a fire sale and all I'm reading is a short spark. There isn't even  mention of younger players not producing being mentioned in rumors. Depending on which goalie gets moved, the other will definitely be backup next year.

So for now, in my opinion, the fans may have to wait until March for some players to be moved because lets face it, there are other players that are in the rumor mill that other teams are looking at right now and it may take more time for the trades to go through. Plus Snow will have to get the "sweet" deal i order for him to pull the trigger. So for now, the next 20 hours should be interesting to say the least.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Reality Check For Islanders

Since I haven't posted a blog in some time, I wanted to dissect the team by talent, depth in the minors, etc. and then after they had finally won a game, I would then comment on there possible future. Unfortunately, the losing has grown into a 7 game losing streak that seems to be out of control. So this blog will be short, but will have a long, dramatic effect on its readers and followers.

Islanders fans here are your reality checks for the next 24 games:

Reality check #1: If the Islanders do not get at least 3 points in the next 4 games, they're out of the playoff race.

Reality check #2: If number one does happen the Islanders must win at least 17 games to make a legitimate playoff push.

With the massive overhaul of Toronto, Atlanta and improved roster of the Rangers, don't hold your collective breaths.

Reality check #3: If the Islanders play .500 hockey for the rest of the season, the Islanders will be receiving a top 5 pick in this years draft.

Reality check #4: With the fore-mentioned Maple Leafs improving and if the Hurricanes improve there overall health, the Islanders will be a top 3 pick.

Final Reality check: If the Islanders lose the next 4 games, Islanders fans will be welcoming Cam Fowler in late June.

The Blue Jackets will be in the race for the second overall pick along with the Islanders and Carolina. However, it will depend on who gets traded out of Columbus.

As this week moves along, I will dissect this blog further. In the mean time let me know of your thoughts.

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