Monday, February 08, 2010

Reality Check For Islanders

Since I haven't posted a blog in some time, I wanted to dissect the team by talent, depth in the minors, etc. and then after they had finally won a game, I would then comment on there possible future. Unfortunately, the losing has grown into a 7 game losing streak that seems to be out of control. So this blog will be short, but will have a long, dramatic effect on its readers and followers.

Islanders fans here are your reality checks for the next 24 games:

Reality check #1: If the Islanders do not get at least 3 points in the next 4 games, they're out of the playoff race.

Reality check #2: If number one does happen the Islanders must win at least 17 games to make a legitimate playoff push.

With the massive overhaul of Toronto, Atlanta and improved roster of the Rangers, don't hold your collective breaths.

Reality check #3: If the Islanders play .500 hockey for the rest of the season, the Islanders will be receiving a top 5 pick in this years draft.

Reality check #4: With the fore-mentioned Maple Leafs improving and if the Hurricanes improve there overall health, the Islanders will be a top 3 pick.

Final Reality check: If the Islanders lose the next 4 games, Islanders fans will be welcoming Cam Fowler in late June.

The Blue Jackets will be in the race for the second overall pick along with the Islanders and Carolina. However, it will depend on who gets traded out of Columbus.

As this week moves along, I will dissect this blog further. In the mean time let me know of your thoughts.

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