Friday, June 27, 2008

Bates Bought Out

From Newsday:

The Islanders are expected to make it official Friday morning when they announce their decision to buy out the remaining year of his contract.

Bates was scheduled to make $1.2 million, but under NHL buyout provisions, he will receiver two-thirds of that amount in equal installments of $400,000 spread over the next two seasons. Last season, Bates appeared in only two games, and he was limited to 48 games the previous season by a groin injury and hernia surgery.

Islanders general manager Garth Snow portrayed the move as another step toward a youth movement. “It was a tough decision because Shawn was a great Islander, and he scored some pretty big goals in the past,” Snow said. “It was a decision based primarily on creating a spot on the roster for a younger player.”

Saw this one coming, as six other youngsters were qualified contracts. Tambs, Neilson, Walter, Gervais, Bergenheim, and, Colliton should be on the roster this year. With the Free Agency picking up steam soon, look for Hilbert to be the odd player out come training camp.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thoughts After The Draft

Well this has been an interesting weekend for sure. I had to work all weekend long, and there was no need to post anything on Friday night, but when I read each trade down, the drafting of Bailey, realizing the amount of picks, i didn't want to burst out just yet. Then after work on Saturday, I found out who Snow had drafted.

I loved the Trivino, and Ness picks, because they were on my "wish list" before the draft started, so i was immediately thrilled. But I was droooling over Petrov, and then Toews. To finish, drafting Niemi was outstanding. By far a great draft weekend for the Islanders. Yes I was on the Wilson bandwagon as well, but time will tell.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts On Draft Day

Okay, here I go with my thoughts on draft day. Since i'll be working for the rest of this week, I may not have time to do this later.

Above the the Islanders, only the Kings are rumored to being interested in Filatov. If the Kings do take him, I think the Islanders will likely pick Pietrangelo, since he'll probably be the remaining top defenseman, the Islanders have been looking at.

If Filatov, is available for the Islanders, and if the Islanders don't want Filatov, then the only team I'd be willing to trade with would be Phoenix. They hold the 8th pick overall, and have a few assets, the Islanders could use.

I would trade the 5th overall pick, and Gervais for LW/RW Vrbata (assuming he would agree to sign with the Islanders), Ballard (Powerplay Quaterback, top 4 d-man potential) and their first round pick. With the 8th pick, i would go with Hodgson, if Wilson was not available.

If Phoenix does not want to trade, drafting either Filatov or Wilson improves the depth chart.

Dont trade with Toronto. They're a financial mess, keep them that way. Columbus is looking to trade down and get some proven players, so they're building for "Now." Phoenix is losing Vrbata to free agency, and have enough powerplay quaterbacks, in Jovanowski, and Morris. The key to my trade is Vrbata if he agreed to sign with the Islanders.

We'll see.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yahin Coming Back?

Going after Yashin does not make any sense at all. It does not fit the "Plan" that Snow is trying to implement. Yashin's agent is probably looking for the same amount last year, and he won't get it from anyone else again. Plus Yashin's agent put a time limit on the Islanders......not a good business move. No one from the Islanders replied to Newsday's article either. Not buying into it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Islanders Draft and Future

If the Islanders are truly going to build through the draft, then there is no doubt they will be keeping this pick. As far as free agency goes, i wouldn't expect a lot of signings if the young players are going to get the ice time. Personally, i would go after 3 players: Huselius or Vrbata, for the top wing position. and Liles from Colorado for a top 4 defenceman. If Snow cannot get either of those players, then this draft is even more important for our future. The organization got a wake-up call last year with free agents turning them down, even though a lot of money was thrown their way. Keep the pick, draft well, and attempt to get those players. Then you have something to build on.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dubie, Others Will Not Be Resigned

According to multiple sources, Dubie, Satan, Fedotenko, and Vasicek will not be resigned for next season. Dubie will be replaced by Joey MacDonald, the goaltender from Bridgeport, while the other fore-mentioned names will be replaced by players in the system or via free agency.

Most people saw this coming, even Dubie not resigning. MacDonald has a one way contract this year, so Dubie was going to walk to begin with. As for the others mentioned, good luck to them.

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