Friday, January 18, 2013

Isles Talk: Islanders 2013 Preview: Only The Players Know

As we begin this long awaited 2013 season tomorrow night against the New Jersey Devils, it’s that time of year where everyone from the fans who just like to blog (that would be me) to every media center related to hockey begin/began their bold predictions for this year, where teams end up in the standings to convince the fans whether or not to buy tickets to their favorite team after Opening Day. It’s sad but true. Let’s begin shall we? Continue-->

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Benefits Of Hickey & Finley As Islanders

As reported everywhere else by now, the New York Islanders have claimed Thomas Hickey and Joe Finley from the waiver wire. Hickey was a 2007 first round pick of the LA Kings and Finley was a first round pick of the Washington Capitals in 2005. Both have been playing in the AHL and have not seen real NHL time yet.

To start off, this will certainly add depth to a depleted defense. It appears the Islanders may role with eight defenceman for this short season. When it comes to the Islanders, you can never have enough goaltenders and defenseman. If both stay healthy there could be untapped potential that fans will get to see like they did with Matt Moulson and Michael Grabner but for the defense this time. Granted, they may start out at the third pairing on defense, but Hickey could be more than that and it needs to be proven this year. Finley looks like a good defensive defenseman but if he can improve on his skating to match his mean streak, the Islanders may have found the crease clearing big man they've been searching for. If things do turn out well for both players and get contract extensions, then Garth Snow will have addressed losing two previous picks from those years. If you remember the name Ryan O'Marra, he was the 2005 first round pick of the Islanders that got traded along with Robert Nilsson and the 2007 first round pick in the Ryan Smyth trade. Finley makes up for O'Marra while Hickey makes up for no pick in 2007 hence speeding up the rebuild on this Islanders team. The biggest importance from seeing these two excel will be the continued development of the current players in Bridgeport, who as of now will be making a strong case for back-to-back divisional titles. Their development will only the improve the Islanders in the long run. But for now, The Islanders of today may have gotten better. How much? Let the season begin.......  

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Isles Talk: Five Isles With Something To Prove

Before we all start doing our predictions of this short yet long awaited NHL season and before we start calling up the kids up from Bridgeport, there are five players that need to show they belong with the Islanders, or for some, they belong in the NHL.....continue

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