Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vasicek Signs With Islanders

Signs one year deal. Diamond in the rough is my opinion on this guy. Dave Scatchard type player: physical, two-way, and plays gritty. Could have a scoring touch with the right players around him. Will be very difficult around the net also.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sutton An Islander

Now that Andy Sutton is an Islander, don't expect the Islanders to pursue another defenceman this offseason. So where do they get the points missing from Tom Poti? Campoli and Gervais should be able to handle the load assuming they stay healthy, and if Meyer sees more ice time, he may help as well. There has been talk of the Islanders need for another center. Looking at the depth of the team, the next third center would be Hilbert in front of Bates who would be on the fourth line. At this point, I've read about Vasicek, Allison, and possibly Forsberg. For now, I'll say forget Forsberg, but it's nice to dream. Vasicek or Allison would be an upgrade to Hilbert, who should really play along side Sillinger and Hunter for one more season. This center will be paired with Satan and Sim, assuming the forementioned line stays intact. The Islanders need a Dave Scatchard type of center, scrappy, physical, and two-way. That points to Vasicek who is also younger than Allison, and does have more potential in the now. Allison however, if healthy, could be a point per game center and could improve his wingers goal production as well. Any move Snow makes will only improve the offense.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

What's Next For The Isles?

Now that Hunter has been signed to a one year contract, i'm curious to see what other plans are in store this offseason with the Islanders. Looking at this roster I can't see the Islanders being finished. Last year they did sign Sean Hill and Kozlov very late in the off season, and Islander fans should expect that same philosophy this year. First, let's address what the Islanders currently need. From looking at the current roster, a top four defensman, and a center at the forward positions. Once again hearing rumblings about McCabe coming to Long Island. For now, i dont know if i like that idea. Toronto is so cap heavy it'll be difficult for them to sign anybody else during the season should they falter. I've read in numerous articles that Stajan is a avialable, but the Islanders don't have enough to give back to Toronto. I certainly am not in favor of trading either Campoli or Gervais, so let's see about the unrestricted free agents. On defence, there's really only four I would think the Islanders would consider: Markov, Sutton, Berard, and Tanabe. Any one of those would help out the Islanders this season, even short term. Now for the centers. Vasicek, and Scatchard are available, but injuries have slowed them down. A couple of sleepers could be, Jamie Lundmark, or Kris Beech (my pick between the two). All in all not a lot to choose from, but would improve the team. For now we ponder, and wait........

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hunter Goes For Arbitration

Hunter and the Islanders went to the arbitrator to see how much of a raise he will recieve for this year. I was reading a few articles that Snow wanted to sign him to a long term deal but Hunter was not intrested. Hunter should get a raise from last year but it certainly wont break the Islanders bank. Hopefully, the Isles can sign Hunter long term as the season continues.

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