Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sutton An Islander

Now that Andy Sutton is an Islander, don't expect the Islanders to pursue another defenceman this offseason. So where do they get the points missing from Tom Poti? Campoli and Gervais should be able to handle the load assuming they stay healthy, and if Meyer sees more ice time, he may help as well. There has been talk of the Islanders need for another center. Looking at the depth of the team, the next third center would be Hilbert in front of Bates who would be on the fourth line. At this point, I've read about Vasicek, Allison, and possibly Forsberg. For now, I'll say forget Forsberg, but it's nice to dream. Vasicek or Allison would be an upgrade to Hilbert, who should really play along side Sillinger and Hunter for one more season. This center will be paired with Satan and Sim, assuming the forementioned line stays intact. The Islanders need a Dave Scatchard type of center, scrappy, physical, and two-way. That points to Vasicek who is also younger than Allison, and does have more potential in the now. Allison however, if healthy, could be a point per game center and could improve his wingers goal production as well. Any move Snow makes will only improve the offense.

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