Monday, March 31, 2008

Keep Tambellini

I know we've talked about Comeau and Bergenheim, and their progression, but i'm going to make a case for Tambellini to stay. Now before i get ripped for this, let me add that i've done some research to support my claim.

First I took the players drafted in the first round of 2003 (Tambs was 27th overall), and I found out how many points they had scored in their first 82 games. Some took a few seasons to get to 82, some went in their first year playing.

Then I found out what each player was averaging after their first 82 games and found that their was an average of 70% increase in points production from their first year (which included their first year).

My point is this. Tambs still has not played a full 82 games in the NHL. We've seen Nilsson improve over in Edmonton cause he's getting the games in. Take a look at Bergenheim, and you'll see the numbers improve also after his first 82 games.

If Tambellini was given a roster spot next year, and a big confidence booster from this organization, 30 points out of him in his first year is not out of the question. Depending who he lines up with, he could do more.

Just making a case. Now time to get ripped =)

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