Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rumor Roundup: Islanders Believed To Have Interest In Luongo

Just when I thought this was going to be a quiet, warm day. Well, it still is, but is this certainly news worthy when it's coming from Bob McKenzie.  As stated by Bob as well, Rick DiPietro would have to be involved in the deal. Two almost identical contracts, but Loungo has more years. What's the difference? Luongo can help the Islanders now. The Rangers are in a little bit of a mess, Washington's goaltender Brandon Holtby doesn't come close to Luongo, Brodeur is close to retiring and the Islanders just wrecked any kind of confidence out of Marc-Andre Fleury. Will this trade go down? Any other team else steps in? We'll find out.

Islanders Won't Sign Kichton

I had this discussion a few times with several fans and to be honest, not really surprised by this move. I'm not taking anything away from Kichton's accomplishments, it's just that the Islanders roster is pretty full and signing him fills up Bridgeport with eight defenseman. It was discussed that Islanders general manger Garth Snow move a player like Aaron Ness to make room, but to be frank, if you read other Islanders blogs as to where they (accurately) rank Ness, he cannot be traded now because of a lack of value. I hope Kichton makes it to the NHL someday and fulfills his dreams. Comments?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Streit May Be Next "Parenteau" Casualty

(Photo via
As the playoffs continue for some fans and the offseason begins for others like myself, I always try to look at the Islanders & Bridgeport Sound Tigers as one organization, not just the Islanders team it self. It's been a long time since I've seen this organization this deep in prospects and promising rising stars and it's good to see. Having said that, while the Islanders have taken leaps and bounds in their performance this year, I do not expect the Islanders payroll to increase by the same nature. The Islanders have player personnel questions that need to be answered during this time of year, but depending on the future spending cap budget of the Islanders, some of those questions are possibly already answered.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

DiPietro On A List Of Potential Buyouts

From Le Journal De Montreal: A good list of potential buyouts around the NHL include some interesting players. The ten mentioned are as follows: Tomas Kaberle (Montreal), Mike Komisarek (Toronto), Ilya Bryzgalov (Philadelphia),  Keith Ballard (Vancouver),  Brad Richards (New York Rangers), Daniel Brière (Philadelphia), Anton Volchenkov (New Jersey), Rick DiPietro (New York Islanders), Dany Heatley (Minnesota), Vincent Lecavalier (Tampa Bay).

My take: I don't see Lecavalier nor Volchenkov being bought out. It's been reported that Briere will be bought out. The others will remain to be seen. This just makes a point that this offseason will be different in that these free agents are now being added to a group that before the end of this season, was not looking good at all. It's not a major improvement, but you should see a trend of teams making moves to get under the new cap ceiling. That's where the Isles come into play. As of this writing, has the Islanders payroll at just under 36 million for net year. Even on a budget, the Islanders can absorb a decent contract and still be near the budget they want to be at and resign their free agents as well.  As for DiPietro, he should be on this list, but for some reason (call it a gut feeling) I don't think the Isles will buy him out this year. Management may want to see what they have in Poulin and a healthy Nilsson next year and make a decision on Mikko Koskinen, who is playing very well over in Europe. The Islanders have the option of buyouts either in this summer or next, so there is no pressure for them (except from the peer pressure of the fans) to make a move like that just yet.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rumor Roundup: Should The Isles Go After Richards?

From Craig Custance via Spectors Hockey:

Craig Custance, meanwhile, listed the Blackhawks, Blues, Capitals, Kings and Islanders as potential destinations for NY Rangers center Brad Richards if he’s bought out this summer, citing the lack of quality depth in this summer’s UFA market for centers could make him an attractive option.

Personally, I think if/when the Rangers lose anytime soon, I think management will decide whether to buy out Richards or fire John Tortorella. If  Richards is bought out, it will certainly be interesting if the Isles were to pursue him, considering the Islanders may stay within their budget and also with the emergence of Brock Nelson, there may not be a need to overpay for Richards as some teams may.

Is Mark Streit returning?

According to TSN: Although Mark Streit has not signed a contract extension, everything indicates that the Islanders will retain the services of their captain.

We'll see what happens, but looking at the free agents available, the Islanders should keep Striet. I'm sure the length of contract years is probably a sticking point. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Rumor Roundup: Emery To Isles A Good Fit?

Craig Custance via Spectors Hockey

Custance also wondered if Ray Emery might replace Corey Crawford in goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in their series against the Detroit Red Wings, and how it could bolster Emery’s free agent value this summer. He suggests Emery could be a good fit with the NY Islanders, Phoenix Coyotes and Minnesota Wild (if they lose Mike Smith and Niklas Backstrom to free agency) or the Buffalo Sabres (if they trade Ryan Miller).

As I had suspected, the goaltending issue will be the biggest factor in this offseason for the Islanders. Chicago certainly has an edge first to resign Emery, but if they do not and depending on how Emery's hip can handle a full season, he could be an interesting piece for the Islanders. It would also show how many games they want to give Kevin Poulin for next season, because if Emery does go down, Poulin may have to carry a significant load. Nevertheless, Emery will be a free agent to watch.

Isles Talk "Season Review & Beyond"

Before the great staff here at Isles Talk in the coming days dissect the individual players that made the 2012-2013 New York Islanders, I wanted to first take a short look back at the organization as a whole and reminisce for a brief moment while at the same time look forward towards the future of this franchise and it’s minor league affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Now I know this is late, but there’s a method to my madness in bringing out such a late piece. Nevertheless it’s necessary to explain the overall picture of what may need to be done to this great organization. Armchair GM’s…..get ready! Continue reading

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Trilogy Part 3: Playoff Prediction? I Don't Know!!

Would anyone expect anything else from me here this year. You shouldn’t. But, before I move on and before you read anymore of my piece, you need to read my colleague Toby Smith’s playoff write up here on Isles Talk. One of the best playoff previews I’ve read by far this year. So go ahead I’ll wait………. back? thank God. Okay here we go.  As I’ve stated before, this is a team that was built to make the playoffs, and the Islanders have done just that. But how far will they go? I will say this, the longer Sidney Crosby is out of the Pens lineup, there’s always a better chance. Continue reading

Trilogy Part 2: More Like '75 Not '93

Garth Snow had a plan to rebuild the New York Islanders organization. The method was simple, build through the draft and sprinkle in a few free agents. Fans approved of it because they knew it was time for one after the 2008 season. Five years later, after drafting well and getting a few steals along the way, the New York Islanders are back in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Most fans in there 30′s or later remember the last time these two teams met, a miraculous series win for the New York Islanders. So it’s only fitting that 1993 would be brought up again, especially 20 years later. But when I see this current team, I don’t see 1993 all over again. I see something even more special coming….. Continue reading

Trilogy Part 1:Season Review

For those who read my “predictions” article at the start of this season, I basically said that I had no clue where the Islanders were going to finish. I didn’t get much of a response from Islanders fans from Long Island, but my NHL fans (Rangers, Devils, Flyers, Penguins) here in Pa said mine was either a cop-out or “The best politically correct piece of work” they have ever read from me. So in this this article, I’m here to defend myself. Continue reading

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