Monday, October 27, 2008

Freddy Meyer Out

Freddy Meyer is out of the lineup, and Skinner is in to make his NHL debut.

Witt appears to be on the Injured Reserve according to the Islanders main web site.

That now leaves us with only two main starters in Streit, and Campoli, a 7th d-man in Gervais, two AHL stoppers in Hillen and Skinner, and a somewhere in the middle Pock. To add to this cart, backup goalie, Joey MacDonald will get the start tonight.

The Islanders must play a tight, no penalty game against the Rangers tonight if they have any chance of winning.

Rangers Tonight

Islanders play the Rangers tonight at the coliseum. As of right now, no word yet on DiPietro's injury, and nothing yet on Meyer. For emergency purposes, Danis, and Skinner have been called up from Bridgeport.

According to Chris Botta Brendan Witt will not have an MRI done on his knee until further swelling has been reduced. What does that mean? For now...nothing. Could just be swelling, could be worse. That remain to be seen.

Facing the Rangers without DiPietro will be a tough challenge for the Islanders, who have lost three consecutive and folded nine goals in the last two games.

The Rangers, on the other hand, won two straight and have 17 points.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where's the D?

The only thing that I have seen that is consistent from the Islanders are the frequent injuries to this defense. Now it looks like DiPietro may be out against the Rangers, although it is not official yet. The Islanders record is 2-5. Hardly a time to panic. But too many penalties, and a lack of top minute defenseman, hinders any kind of stability on this team. Most teams don't use injuries as excuses, which is crap. That's why we have a top pairing, 4th, 5th, and 6th defenseman.

Some can make the argument that we're not scoring as much. Guess what: we're on pace for better than last year!!!! But time is still out on the offense, especially the younger players. The veterans are doing their part, soon the kids will have to step up.

This team needs to get, and stay healthy if the Islanders even want to compete the rest of this year. Time is not running out, but the amount of defenseman that is team has is.........

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Evaluate Now?

So after five games, people were expecting the Islanders to go 2-3? Not this fan. Sorry, I don't buy that one bit. If Richard Park nets 1 of his two clankers against New jersey that first game, that maybe a different result. If Tambellini scores his first goal of the season against Florida, who knows. If there is anything that bothers me for the first five games are the amount of stupid penalties that this team takes. Reduce the penalties and you reduce the five goals already allowed on the penalty killing unit.

DP and Campoli are getting better and they need to be. This team needs to stay healthy and when everything clicks, then we won't have so many pessimists.

This team should be 3-1-1, not 2-3. Time to get smarter on the ice, and score on that powerplay.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Islanders Streak Past Lightning

From New York Islander 4 Lightning 3

Nice rebound after losing 7-1 against Buffalo.

The kids are starting to come around: Okposo, and Neilson, have 2 points in 4 games and Tambellini has shown more confidence, and was involved with Hunter on his goals.

Fritz and DP should play against Florida tomorrow, so look for another solid outing from everybody on that team.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Will The Real DP Please Stand Up?

I watched the Islanders lose 7-1 to Buffalo the other day, ad they looked nothing like the team that competed against New Jersey or beat St. Louis. Gordon will not move to replace a backup goaltender, regardless of how the backup is feeling. But is DiPietro ready to play? Obviously not. Too much hype has been made about him not playing, and for good reason. If DiPietro were healthy, he'd be playing....period.

What we should be concerned with is how the younger players are performing so far this year. I know it's only three games, and judgment should not be placed for a while, but only Bergenheim has a goal. But time and patience is needed for this new system to begin to work.

Injury update: From various sources, Martinek is out 4-6 weeks with an upper body injury. Campoli is skating again but is not yet cleared to play. That leaves 3 regular defenseman out of the lineup. Don't blame the backup goalie completely just yet.

Friday, October 03, 2008

This Day In Team History

In 1972 the Islanders lost their home opener and first game in franchise history, 3-2, to the Atlanta Flames. Captain Ed Westfall scores the Islanders' first goal at 17:29 of the second period.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trevor Smith Recalled

Due to Bailey's injury, Trevor Smith has been recalled from Bridgeport. This is a good move, because ever since he's bounced back from ECHL, he has been nothing but promising. If he continues to improve on this team, he may be a call up later on this year in case another center goes down with another injury. Smith had a great game against Boston, and had the game winner. He should be on a line with Okposo, and Comeau, against New Jersey at the Rock.

Bailey To Be Signed Today

This is a good move by the Islanders. If he can get off the nine game minimum, that would be even better to allow some hore healing time for Sillinger and Geurin.

He has been able o hold his own, but from what I'm reading he may need another season in juniors, which is fine. No need to rush him. Happy Birthday Josh.

More to come later.

A Few Quick Notes

Islanders lost last night, and already there are people complaining about the lack of offense. Most people just don't get it. This is a rebuilding stage. Everyone on that team is still trying to learn their new coaches system. Many veterans are still recovering from last years injuries. The Devils won 3-0, and they were playing with mostly veterans except for the John Madden checking line. There is still more preseason games coming, so be patient and watch. We're not expected to win now. The goal of the preseason is to get the roster down to the team max, and to see how the younger players are developing.


According to Chris Botta's Point Blank, Andy Sutton had suffered what appeared to be a hand injury, and from his experience, should be out give or take 6 weeks.

Chris Campoli is expected to return from his "lower body injury" some where in the beginning of November or sooner.

Josh Bailey, 2008 1st round pick, also has an injury, undisclosed or course, and will probably be sent down to juniors. Which is sad cause I really wanted to play the first nine games to see what he can do.

Rick DiPietro, will be cleared to practice some time this week, and will get at least one start before the regular season begins.

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