Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Evaluate Now?

So after five games, people were expecting the Islanders to go 2-3? Not this fan. Sorry, I don't buy that one bit. If Richard Park nets 1 of his two clankers against New jersey that first game, that maybe a different result. If Tambellini scores his first goal of the season against Florida, who knows. If there is anything that bothers me for the first five games are the amount of stupid penalties that this team takes. Reduce the penalties and you reduce the five goals already allowed on the penalty killing unit.

DP and Campoli are getting better and they need to be. This team needs to stay healthy and when everything clicks, then we won't have so many pessimists.

This team should be 3-1-1, not 2-3. Time to get smarter on the ice, and score on that powerplay.

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