Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Few Quick Notes

Islanders lost last night, and already there are people complaining about the lack of offense. Most people just don't get it. This is a rebuilding stage. Everyone on that team is still trying to learn their new coaches system. Many veterans are still recovering from last years injuries. The Devils won 3-0, and they were playing with mostly veterans except for the John Madden checking line. There is still more preseason games coming, so be patient and watch. We're not expected to win now. The goal of the preseason is to get the roster down to the team max, and to see how the younger players are developing.


According to Chris Botta's Point Blank, Andy Sutton had suffered what appeared to be a hand injury, and from his experience, should be out give or take 6 weeks.

Chris Campoli is expected to return from his "lower body injury" some where in the beginning of November or sooner.

Josh Bailey, 2008 1st round pick, also has an injury, undisclosed or course, and will probably be sent down to juniors. Which is sad cause I really wanted to play the first nine games to see what he can do.

Rick DiPietro, will be cleared to practice some time this week, and will get at least one start before the regular season begins.

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Islefan said...

True that the Isles are rebuilding etc. HOWEVER, we haven't seen any real progress in SO LONG that it is quite understandable that people will be questioning where the scoring will come from. Clearly Okposo is a talented young man - but he is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer. We need wingers for him to set up for scoring chances. Then linemates for Comrie and we'll have some chance of success. I am not expecting results this year. But there has to be clear progress this year and next or we'll be stuck at the bottom of the standings while DiPietro gets old.

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