Thursday, September 29, 2011

Predicting The Isles This Year

The preseason is great for making predictions about our teams future for the year. The in-depth analysis from all the major magazines and web sites, makes for great reading for the fans who cannot wait for the hockey season to start. The Islanders have to be one of the more difficult teams to predict this year due to having 600 man games lost to injury last year. From what I've seen/read many columns have the Islanders finishing 12th. I can live with that number if I wasn't a fan of the Islanders. However, I think it's more of the idea that no one really knows how far the Islanders can go because they're always injured. Entering this season, the Islanders are in fact, healthy, including their goaltender Rick Dipietro who was an all-star the last time he was healthy. But this team has improved while he's been gone, so let's take a quick look at the team in front of him:

Offense: This team should be able to score 240 goals, there is enough talent on this team for it. That amount should be enough for a push or a long run into the playoffs, watch for Tavares to improve his numbers and make others around him better. If Nino Neiderrieter explodes into the NHL with 20 goals or more, the Isles will make the playoffs.

Defense: With Streit coming back, the defense improves greatly. Powerplay numbers will improve and overall defense. Andrew MacDonald in my opinion will be the next Paul Martin and will have a breakout year along with Travis Hamonic. If the rest of the defense remain healthy and the Isles do sign Steve Staio, we're looking at a solid defense for the season.

Goaltending: As stated before, Dipietro and the other goaltenders are healthy and ready to go. Three healthy goalies should be a luxury for this team who went through an assembly line of goalies last year. Solid goaltending keeping there team in every game will be key. If that happens, a lot of people will be shocked by seasons end.

Final note: It really comes down to health. If the Islanders stay healthy, they're making a push and will be really close come April. If a few young players have breakout years, they're in and will be looking to upset a few teams. If I had to come up with a final season point total, for now, I'm looking at 85-90 points. Lots to be excited for, time for the preseason to end.......Your thoughts?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coliseum May Have A New Plan

According to the

A group of business developers and community planners unveiled a plan for a privately financed redevelopment of the Islanders' home arena, Nassau Coliseum, and its surrounding 77-acre property. According to New York Newsday, the estimated cost for the project is roughly $347 million.

If not for work I would have posted this earlier, but I have to admit, this is good news considering the timing of it. To be honest I wasn't expecting to hear anything about a new arena until later on in the spring. As long as there are still ideas floating around for me there is some minor reassurance the Islanders are not moving. For now, they have a lease for another 3-4 years, so I can expect hockey on Long Island for at least that long.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why sitting MacDonald Is A Good Idea

     So far in training camp we know that Andrew MacDonald, defenceman for the Islanders, has not started to skate yet and that the Islanders are taking "precautionary measures." To me this is a good idea. The reason: look at the Islanders schedule. The first four games are at home. The Islanders first away game is not until October 20th. So with the first four games at home, the Islanders should be able to go 3-1 without him and furthermore, give him the added time to rehab his injury.
     Another reason: (I'll give you two) Calvin De Haan & Ty Wishart. Both players would be able to handle a few games (possibly more) while MacDonald rests. With Wishart, who already has NHL experience, should be able to prove to management once and for all that he belongs with the big club, while De Haan, who really should get some seasoning in the minors first, would be tested to see how much AHL time he really needs. My guess would be that he won't need much, just ask Travis Hamonic.
     For now there a few reasons to let MacDonald heal and the Islanders, for the long haul of the season, know that when he does return, everyone will benefit from it.

Islanders News & Notes 9.21.11

Per numerous reports, Defenceman Mark Streit has been named Islanders captain.

This was the best choice for the Islanders, right now. I'm sure in the future it will be Kyle Okposo and John Tavares respectfully, but for now, Streit is the player that should be captain of this team. The players like the decision and so do the fans. If only the next jersey that's about to come out had this much of an approval rating. Thoughts?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back To Blogging

After taking a year off and having a few friends ask me to blog once again, I've decided to start blogging about the Islanders once again. With Christopher Botta moving on to I hope better things, I will be coming onto this site more often to share the news, rumors and add my own take to what is going on in Islanders country. I hope to gain a few more fans as I have done in the past and am looking forward to this season. I will be coming out with my own preview of the team in another week or so, by then I'll know who is actually on this team. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. Here we go.......

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