Friday, January 30, 2009

The Right People Scored

On Chris Botta's Point Blank, he asked what percentage do the Islanders have of playing.500 or better. Here was my comment.

"20% chance."

"Not sure if the kids can produce enough offense, and Kyle Okposo will have to score if the team wants to win. I think depending who gets hot in goal may also depend on the amount of wins."

Last night the Islanders won 5-4, thanks to two goals by Okposo. Danis has won 2 in a row, but he got lucky, not hot, as the Islanders blew a 4-0 lead after the first period.

The other players who were supposed to score, Hunter and Jackman, only reaffirm why they will be wearing the Islanders jersey next year.

Bailey and Comeau are showing they really do belong.

Weight scoring is a great sign, but in all honesty, is just raising his stock before the trade deadline.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

From Here On Out

From now until the season ends, my focus will be primarily on the kids and prospects that may be signed by the Islanders.

I will also cover some legitimate rumors going on with our vets, and give my input on each one.

Starting off with our first vet: but this is not rumor. Sillinger is done for the season and possibly, his career. He will undergo another surgery to repair his hip.

I hope he becomes an assistat coach for our young centers if Silli decides to hang up the skates. best wishes to him.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Time For Some Scouting

First off....... My apologies for not blogging as much in the recent days, just took some time off.

Now for some points:

The Islanders are finally getting healthy, so as fans, we need to see who we think can play in this system with a healthy squad. Most of the veterans will be traded, but really take a good look at the kids, and start thinking what can be next year.

Watch Kyle Okposo make a late rally for rookie of the year.

People won't be complaining about Tambellini by the end of this season.

With DP out for the season, the Islanders have all but assured themselves a top 3 pick.

Yann Danis may end up with more wins in the second half than MacDonald.

More news to come......comments?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Islanders News

About Dubie:

Claimed by Columbus, which means Mannino will be the backup for tonight's game against the Devils.

About the Islanders playing in KC for an exhibition game: Big Deal.

It's a good ploy to bring the media together to get the politicians moving on a decision about the Lighthouse Project.....and that's it.

The Islanders lease runs out in 2015, so I don't think they'll be moving out anytime soon. Yes Wang loses about 20 million per year, and deserves to build the landscape around the Coliseum, but if he does not get the deal done tomorrow, he'll have a Plan B. Then Islanders fans will have something to worry about.

More to come with each new story.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Season Starts Tomorrow

Islanders fans can now begin to watch the actual "development" of the younger players for the remainder of the season.

Gordon has made it it clear that the younger stars of this team will be getting more ice and powerplay time, which is great news in my opinion.

The season of scouting has officially begun for the Islanders, and this will give Snow a real good look at the young players, and the veterans that need to be traded, released, or bought out.

The Islanders play the Rangers tomorrow, with MacDonald in net.

Time to earn your stripes boys. You're true introduction is upon you.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Few Reasons for Hope

Over the last five games, the Islanders young core of players have been producing on the score sheet more often then at any time during this first half of the season. Their record can attest to that. The stats are not deceiving either:

Okposo: 2 goals, 5 assists for 7 points with a +/- of +4
Comeau: 1 goal, 4 assists for 5 points with an Even rating
Bailey: 1 goal, 2 assists for 3 points with a +/- rating of a +3
Tambs: 1 goal, 2 assists for 3 points with a +/- rating of a +2
Bergie: 3 goals, 0 assists for 3 points with a +/- rating of a +1

The Islanders record: 2-2-1

Now can the Young stars continue this trend, and finally get a few more wins?

There could be a light at the end of this tunnel after all.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Comrie Next To Be Rumored Traid Bait

Staple from Newsday is reporting that Mike Comrie, apparently completely healthy from hip surgery, could bring back the biggest return for the Islanders before the March trade deadline.

I'm not one for seeing next years team like the late 90's to early 2000 when we had not\ vets and a ton of youth with no one to teach them. When or if the time comes to trade a center, then you have to trade either Comrie or Weight, but trading both, in my opinion is a bad idea.

Here is another question for Islanders fans: Do we keep Geurin for next year? If the answer is yes, then keeping Weight on this team for another year will keep the Captain happy, an quite possibly let the youth mature more in front of us, and make a decent push. Assuming of course, no one gets injured.

But If the Islanders are truly moving forward in the youth movement, then trading Weight, and letting Geurin go in the summer and keeping Comrie is the wiser choice since Comrie has developed chemistry early on so far with Okposo and Comeau, and Comrie is younger then Geurin and Weight.

Time will tell, but I stand pat and say, give the Islanders another six weeks to evaluate, then move from there.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Weight To Be Traded?

Newsday has been reporting that Doug Weight is now in the rumor mill to be traded.

My own opinion, is that the Islanders are already out of playoff contention, but still could still end up in 11th place in this Eastern Conference. However, if the injuries continue, then the Islanders will almost assuredly be awarded a top five draft pick, possibly first overall.

Should Weight be traded? My answer......not now. I say wait for Nielson to come back, and let him play healthy, then make a deal for Weight. This trade really has to be a good one, if not, signing him to an extension is not a bad idea either.

It's too soon for trade possibilities when this team has been injured for so long. Let's see how this team plays for the next six weeks and then Snow can start thinking trade.

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