Friday, January 30, 2009

The Right People Scored

On Chris Botta's Point Blank, he asked what percentage do the Islanders have of playing.500 or better. Here was my comment.

"20% chance."

"Not sure if the kids can produce enough offense, and Kyle Okposo will have to score if the team wants to win. I think depending who gets hot in goal may also depend on the amount of wins."

Last night the Islanders won 5-4, thanks to two goals by Okposo. Danis has won 2 in a row, but he got lucky, not hot, as the Islanders blew a 4-0 lead after the first period.

The other players who were supposed to score, Hunter and Jackman, only reaffirm why they will be wearing the Islanders jersey next year.

Bailey and Comeau are showing they really do belong.

Weight scoring is a great sign, but in all honesty, is just raising his stock before the trade deadline.

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