Thursday, January 01, 2009

Weight To Be Traded?

Newsday has been reporting that Doug Weight is now in the rumor mill to be traded.

My own opinion, is that the Islanders are already out of playoff contention, but still could still end up in 11th place in this Eastern Conference. However, if the injuries continue, then the Islanders will almost assuredly be awarded a top five draft pick, possibly first overall.

Should Weight be traded? My answer......not now. I say wait for Nielson to come back, and let him play healthy, then make a deal for Weight. This trade really has to be a good one, if not, signing him to an extension is not a bad idea either.

It's too soon for trade possibilities when this team has been injured for so long. Let's see how this team plays for the next six weeks and then Snow can start thinking trade.

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