Saturday, January 17, 2009

Islanders News

About Dubie:

Claimed by Columbus, which means Mannino will be the backup for tonight's game against the Devils.

About the Islanders playing in KC for an exhibition game: Big Deal.

It's a good ploy to bring the media together to get the politicians moving on a decision about the Lighthouse Project.....and that's it.

The Islanders lease runs out in 2015, so I don't think they'll be moving out anytime soon. Yes Wang loses about 20 million per year, and deserves to build the landscape around the Coliseum, but if he does not get the deal done tomorrow, he'll have a Plan B. Then Islanders fans will have something to worry about.

More to come with each new story.

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islefan said...

While it was initially disappointing to lose Dubie, it may be a blessing in disguise.

I am nervous about the future of Rick DiPietro and any opportunity to assess talent already in the organization is a plus.

Danis has been playing surprisingly well and Mannino gets a shot to play a little now (until MacDonald returns).

As we are all PAINFULLY aware, we aren't going anywhere THIS year!!

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