Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts On Draft Day

Okay, here I go with my thoughts on draft day. Since i'll be working for the rest of this week, I may not have time to do this later.

Above the the Islanders, only the Kings are rumored to being interested in Filatov. If the Kings do take him, I think the Islanders will likely pick Pietrangelo, since he'll probably be the remaining top defenseman, the Islanders have been looking at.

If Filatov, is available for the Islanders, and if the Islanders don't want Filatov, then the only team I'd be willing to trade with would be Phoenix. They hold the 8th pick overall, and have a few assets, the Islanders could use.

I would trade the 5th overall pick, and Gervais for LW/RW Vrbata (assuming he would agree to sign with the Islanders), Ballard (Powerplay Quaterback, top 4 d-man potential) and their first round pick. With the 8th pick, i would go with Hodgson, if Wilson was not available.

If Phoenix does not want to trade, drafting either Filatov or Wilson improves the depth chart.

Dont trade with Toronto. They're a financial mess, keep them that way. Columbus is looking to trade down and get some proven players, so they're building for "Now." Phoenix is losing Vrbata to free agency, and have enough powerplay quaterbacks, in Jovanowski, and Morris. The key to my trade is Vrbata if he agreed to sign with the Islanders.

We'll see.

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