Friday, June 21, 2013

Bernier Saga Continues

From Tim Panaccio:

 The Leafs, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild and the New Jersey Devils reportedly are in the bidding, but sources say Toronto might be offering more than others are willing to pay.
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My take: This is one of two scenarios: 1. The Kings are just mentioning the Leafs to help drive up the price for Bernier 2. The Leafs are this crazy. It's too soon yet, but in another week this should get resolved. The Flyers may no longer be in the running for Bernier as well and they will keep their starter Bryzgalof at least for more season. If scenario 2 is the case, then you should count the Islanders out as well. The Kings need some cap relief and it appears the Kings are looking for an established forward already in the NHL. I've been saying this on twitter, if either the Islanders or Devils are mentioned in a rumor such as this, the percentage of a trade happening drops significantly. The Islanders will not bet the farm on a career NHL backup with a future. We're used to seeing Toronto make crazy trades, let them continue that trend.   

Update: 4:16pm Bank on this folks!!

Update: 5:50pm because people like drama


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