Tuesday, October 06, 2009


So after a few days of waiting patiently for some Islanders news, I started reading other posts and listening to fans asking if the Islanders can sneak into the playoffs this year. Playoffs? The Islanders are ONE game into their season, an overtime loss to the Cup champs Penguins, and now people think the Islanders have a chance to make it to the playoffs? Waaaaaaaay to early to even think playoffs. Have the fans seen the upcoming schedule? It's brutal!!! However, the Islanders have made some strides during the pre-season that should have Islanders fans excited about the year.

I've mentioned this before, there is more confidence in this team now that they know what is expected out of them while playing a familiar system. No more thinking on the ice, it all comes naturally.

There is goaltending now, no matter who gets traded later.

The Islanders are starting the year with only one player injured for a lengthy period of time.

There is chemistry amongst the players, especially the new first line of Moulson, Tavares, and Okposo.

Speaking of Moulson, has Garth Snow done it again? So far Moulson could be another "Mark Streit" signing. Could fans imagine Moulson putting up impressive numbers with his buddy Tavares, and thus excellerating the youth movement?

Let's not forget that Snow also picked up another low risk- high reward player in Rob Schremp. All Schremp has to do is prove he can play in this League, and Snow wins big time.

Of course I waited to add Tavares last as a potential threat to other teams. He already has a goal and an assist but the thing I love about him is that he wants more.

What Islander fans have right now is hope. They have hope because this team has untapped potential. What has them all giddy inside is that the young players are starting to uncork that talent now, meaning this year.

What fans need to do is remain patient and not rush into a trash-talk fest with anyone else. The fans still do not know how much talent is in this team. The players are only at the tip of what hopes to be a huge iceberg.

If the Islanders are anywhere near a playoff spot say by January, then fans should start talking playoffs. Until then, learn from the younglings and take it one game at a time.

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