Thursday, October 15, 2009

LIve Chat With Katie

I was able to get in a question to Katie Strang of Newsday about the Islanders playing Tambellini soon. But a few good questions were also asked and it fit into what I was looking for with regards to a few of the forwards.
 For example:

Is Schremp a keeper for this re-build?

Katie: I think so. After his first game, he looked much better and much more comfortable having acclimated to Gordon's style of play. He has shown that he has good vision and can make plays, especially on the power play. I believe that he'll step up his play even more now that he has the comfort level of playing at his natural position--center. Also, the fact that Weight was moved to the wing to facilitate the development of the team's young centers (including Schremp) is a testament, I think, to their belief in his potential.

In addition she went on to answer another question regarding what Islanders fans had to look forward to and this was part of her response.  

Katie: I think Schremp's development will be an interesting thing to keep an eye on, and I also believe the Moulson-Tavares-Okposo will be fun to watch and will yield results. 

This was when I had gotten my question answered. 

Me:  Hi Katie after talking with Gordon, will Tambs be playing anytime soon. Who does he replace? 

Katie: Good question. Unless Gordon subscribes to the theory of working players in once in a while to keep them fresh, I think Tambellini will be the odd man out until something changes. Gordon doesn't want to take Moulson out of the lineup. He also wants to see what Schremp is capable of. And occasionally, he's going to use Rechlicz if he is expecting a particularly physical game. It's not that the coaches don't like Tambellini, they do. He's a hard worker and a coachable guy, but his play has got to force the issue. 

Another good question was raised about Moulson.

Is Matt Moulson for real? How long do you see him sticking on the top line? 

Katie: Yes, I think he is a capable full-time NHL player that will contribute offensively. He's been able to score at every level, and it looks like that is translating for him this year up with the big club. As far as sticking with the first line, he will not be moved if that line continues to play well together and generate the amount of scoring chances they have so far.
And a final word on Tambellini from Katie.

Katie: Tambellini has definitely gotten his chances over the years. And remember Tambellini had all of training camp this year as well to show what he can do. Gordon knows what Tambellini can do, whereas he still wants to evaluate Schremp's capabilities.

Here is my take on Tambs. He is exactly where he should be right now. Moulson has stepped in to be a number one winger for Tavares. Schremp needs to have a closer looking into because he has only played a total of ten NHL games. On a bright spot, he does have four points in those games. As Katie has mentioned, the players to watch this year will be the first line, and Schremp. Tambellini may be able to fit in somewhere if there're injuries, but for now he will have to wait for what possibly might be his last chance for the Islanders. 

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