Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weight Moving to Wing

From Katie Strang of Newsday:

"It turns out that Weight, who flanked Rob Schremp during Monday's game against LA, hasn't played on the wing since 1979.  Yes, that means he has not played the position since he was eight years old.
Regardless, Weight said he's comfortable with the transition and thinks that will be the best move for the team in the long run. With four young centers (John Tavares, Josh Bailey, Rob Schremp, and Frans Nielsen), Weight and Gordon discussed the idea and decided that moving Weight to the wing was best for the youth's development."
This will have more of a positive move with Schremp moving to his natural position, center.  He is certainly more comfortable there and should be able to produce more. What remains to be seen is where he will play when Frans Neilsen returns from injury by later next week. But for now, the scouting on Schremp will continue.

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