Thursday, October 08, 2009

Captain Has More "Weight" On His Shoulders

Last week the New York Islanders made the choice of forward Doug Weight as the team’s 12th captain in it's  37-year history. My opinion is that this was the correct choice for this team this year. He has the most experience, and everyone can learn something from a player who basically has done it all. Weight has more to contribute and share to this young team for the rest of this season. He is going to be the Don Mattingly of the Islanders.

"It's a tremendous responsibility and a great honor. But, in the grand scheme, it's a letter on your jersey. I'm here, I hope, for my hockey-playing ability first. I want to contribute to this team. So nothing changes about my outlook, but part of my job is a passing of the torch to younger leaders."
"So, first and foremost, it's to let these guys know they're part of the team, make them feel comfortable within the concept of knowing there is accountability and responsibility. You want them to speak up in that room, but they have to realize they have the privilege of playing in the best league in the world. And every day is going to demand harder work than the day before."-Doug Weight
With Weight bearing the "C" on his jersey, he will not only lead his team, but contribute and start the process of passing on his knowledge and his traits that has made him a successful captain in the past, present and to give the future Islanders captain(s) a blueprint for what will assuredly be a road back to better days. Better days start tonight in Ottawa.

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