Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Light Going Out On The Lighthouse?

From the Long Island Press:

A source has informed the Long Island Press that, although there has been no public announcement, the ambitious Lighthouse Project has already been abandoned internally by New York Islanders team owner Charles Wang.
This is not good. Not just for Islanders fans but for all of Long Island. The single most economic boost for the next decade may be coming to a close because of politics. For now, there is not enough information out there to get overly depressed yet. However, notable bloggers and Newsday reporters are not having their phone calls returned  to confirm anything. This still reminds me of Pittsburgh when the owners decided to make a formal announcement that the Penuins would be moving and then progress was made in the creation of their new building. I hope this dilemma can be recitified in the same manner, and the fans of the Islanders will be able to enjoy their team for many years to come.

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