Thursday, August 13, 2009

That Time Of Year

Usually about a month or so before training camp begins, most fans, bloggers, and "experts" start predicting where each team should land at the end of the season. For the Islanders it is not pretty. Most have the Islanders finishing 15th through 13th in the Eastern Conference, and almost guarantee that the Islanders will end up in the lottery, finishing in the bottom five of the League again.

There are a few faithful fans who believe that the Islanders have enough talent to challenge for a playoff spot, however, if I had to put a percentage on that I would say 3 percent. Some fans are already chanting Taylor Hall's name, and cannot wait for the draft to start before this season even begins.

I think it's just out of boredom that this happens, and most fans do not take into account that the Islanders are just starting a rebuilding process that may take some time. So really predicting where a team ends up is so premature and not needed because what most fans should be looking for is growth as an organization instead of the overall points of the team. Having said this, I'm going to be taking a look at how the rebuilding process is coming along, how long the rebuild will take, how far the Islanders are from the playoffs, and what the future may hold for this team.

I'm not predicting the overall points the Islanders will have this year. Instead I would like to set a goal for them to accomplish. In my next post, I will cover the rebuilding process, and compare them to other rebuilding teams of the past.

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