Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DiPietro Has Been Found Skating

From Katie Strang of Newsday:

Yesterday, however, I spoke to Rick DiPietro about his rehab status. I know this is a topic that causes (and rightfully so) and breeds anxiety among lots of you, so I wanted to hear straight from him (and Garth) about how he's doing.

Basically, this is how Rick explained it to me: He is being cautious and easing his way back onto the ice. He began skating last week, will skate more again this week, get into pads soon and go from there. Given the organization's initial timeline (DP to begin skating in August, will be with team for Camp in September) and their off-season moves (signing both Roloson and Biron to ensure DiPietro doesn't rush back prematurely), it should not be surprising that he is where he is for the time being.

There is more to the story, so please see the rest of her piece. At least we know he's now skating, and that he is doing something hockey related. I hope he does come back on his own term, and in great shape to play this year. He has been missed. He's a competitor, and he's a winner. Given that there is enough goaltenders for him to just stay the course, most fans should only see DiPietro coming back as an added bonus to this season, and not in the games lost to injury column like last year.

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Islander505 said...


We (and the NHL) have seen the last of DP as a performer in the NHL.
(And I have a ducat to the last game he ever played...oh boy).

I understand that he is "a competitor" and wants to get back on the ice in the worst way.
But, c'mon,..Rick is financially set for life....At what point does he say to himself..."Ya know, I'd sure like to chase my grandkids around the rink when I'm 60. If I keep pushing the envelope with these knees and hips, that ain't gonna happen."

And the Islanders know this.
Fans don't get it yet.

Time to discard the DP chants and work on stuff for Biron and Roloson.

Just my opinion...from two time zones away.

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