Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Satan Still a Possibilty?

From Newsday:

Satan, who played three seasons with the Islanders from 2005-2008, confirmed that his agent, Allan Walsh, has spoken with the Islanders about rejoining the team, but they have yet to resume discussions this week. Walsh first announced the dialogue between the two camps on his Twitter page on July 25, then gave an update three days later, saying, "We are still deep in talks with NYI on Miro."

"I know they spoke about it a few times last week," Satan said. "This week I don't think they have talked. Now, it's quiet again."

I think the Islanders are his last and only team that are "interested" in Satan. I just don't see the Islanders going after a veteran like Miro, when others are still out there to be had. Still anything is possible.

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