Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tavares Already Predicted To Win Calder

1. John Tavares, C, New York Islanders
We know; Tavares is the easy choice. But he’s also the most logical. Not only will he be the NHL’s poster boy for everything Calder this season, the OHL’s all-time leading goal-scorer is already the No. 1 center on his NHL team – and training camp hasn’t even started. Expect J.T. to win his team’s scoring race and make those around him better just about every night. This kid is special because he rises to the occasion when it matters most – the mark of a superstar, albeit in-the-making. There may not be too many occasions worth rising to on the Island this season, but Tavares will be out to prove all year why he’s been touted as the next great goal-scoring center since he was a 14-year-old. Now that’s a personal challenge worth rising to. -John Grigg from the Hockey News.

Islanders fans have at least two reason (Tavares, and Okposo) why they should be watching the Islanders this year. Anyone remember their last Calder winner? Bryan Berard, in 1997. It's been too long since the fans had something to be excited about. Well fans, start getting excited, and when you can, go to a few games, and feel the excitement.

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Taylor said...

I wonder how many goals he will score. I'm hoping for 30. I know that's a high hope for such a young player but I think he can do it.

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