Sunday, August 16, 2009

Islanders Most Improved?

From Cjohnson202 of Hockey Leaks:

"I feel confident in naming the following five teams as the most improved."

5. New York Rangers:
4. Toronto Maple Leafs:

3. New York Islanders:

While you won't see the Islanders go from worst to first, the Islanders made big steps on moving towards a winning record. We start in the crease, where the team added not one starting goalie, but two, giving them a grand total of three. When all three are healthy and playing well, the Isles will be able to trade one of them (not Dipietro of coarse) for even more pieces to their puzzle. The team drafted future superstar John Tavares first overall, giving them the franchise player they desperately needed, while Andy Sutton should make their backend significantly better.

2. Montreal Canadiens:
1. Tampa Bay Lightning:

Nice to see some recognition, but I don't think adding two starting goaltenders will help the Islanders with winning records. First and foremost, you can only play one starting goaltender, albeit either Roloson, or Biron is an improvement over Joey MacDonald and Yann Danis. Tavares replacing anybody (except Okposo) on that team is an improvement, and It's not only just going to be Sutton being healthy on the defense that has to help this team. Everyone will have to play close to injury free this year if the Islanders want to make a significant improvement. Drafting Tavares clearly has made a positive out look for this team from other media outlets.

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