Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's The Next Move?

I wanted to right about what the Islanders future moves could be for this remaining off season. The signing of Biron was certainly a surprise to many, including my self, but after reading Point Blank and having them state that DiPietro won't be available until at least Thanksgiving, the move by Snow was necessary.

Another major reason (more or less a 1a reason) for getting Biron is the upcoming schedule for the Islanders. Let us assume for now that DiPietro is in fact out until Thanksgiving. That's at least 25 games missed by DiPietro. Granted, Roloson will probably eat up 17-20 games, but Snow is very concerned about the remaining 5-8 games that would have been played by Monroe, who is definitely slated to be in Bridgeport this year. The signing of Biron gives the Islanders better than a 50% chance to steal a few games, and possibly improve the team an extra 7 points for that stretch of time.

But what about the rest of the team? Everyone wants a Tanguay signing. Who doesn't? The Islanders need an enforcer. The Atlantic Division have been on steroids since the free agency started July 1st except for the Islanders. So what exactly are the Islanders waiting for? Well first and foremost, they still have three players to sign in Comeau, Hillen, and Thompson. They were all given two-way deals, and from all the readings, these players want one-way deals. So let's pretend that all sign today to one-way contracts. What happens?

Let's start off with Thompson. The Islanders will probably put him, along with Sim on the waiver wire, and be sent down to the Bridge. Sorry Nate. But while they're being placed on waivers, I wouldn't be surprised if Snow looked into the waiver wire to pick up a tough enforcer who can play more than 5 minutes a game.

Now for Hillen. He's signed, which makes the Islanders have 7 defenceman. You can't sign a defensman unless you waive another d-man (Freddy Meyer perhaps). Other than that the Islanders would have to make a trade (Hello Sutton).

Comeau being signed has the same effect on the offense as it does the defense. The Islanders still need that enforcer, and with Comeau signed, and 7 defenceman, If a top 6 forward is signed, then you have a 22 man roster and a team is only allowed 21, then finally a trade would have to be made to make room on the roster.

Does Snow want to go that path? He's mentioned before that he really wasn't searching the free agency, and looked what happened. The first thing that needs to get done is sign the restricted free agents and then Islanders fans, assume your summer shopping is over until close to training camp. You'll probably end up with another surprise or two.

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