Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's What We Know

After reading Greg Logan's Live Chat, and getting my question answered, I'm more inclined to believe what Greg says is truth. Having said that, here is what I am concluding:

Jon Sim will not be an Islander this year. He will either be dealt or playing in Bridgeport.

The roster is mostly complete. Greg still believes that an enforcer will be available through a trade or Free agency. "Snow has said he's not looking to add any free agents at the moment."

NO truth to Alex Tangauy coming to the Islanders. His agent has not returned Greg's phone calls. "Personally, I don't believe the Isles are after Tanguay at all. "

My question to Greg was as follows: "
In your opinion, other than Tavares, could you see any other prospects making their NHL debut this year? "

Greg's answer:
"I could see some of the prospects who will be at Bridgeport making their Islanders debut, including Justin DiBenedetto, Robin Figren, Mark Katic and Dustin Kohn. All could be injury callups if they perform well enough to earn it. "

Snow will use his cap space for future moves to improve on the team. From Greg: "Next summer, if the salary cap limit drops, you might see Snow begin to use his cap room very effectively. By then, he should be ready to weed out the prospects who don't seem as thought they're going to make the grade. That will make room for free-agent additions."

The overall depth and development of the organization is better than last year. From Greg: "
Clearly, there has been a major talent upgrade in the organization over the past two years. The talent level at this minicamp was significantly improved over a year ago. There's a lot of potential in the system now, and it's important that Gordon was especially happy with the talent in the organization now at the goaltender position."

All-in-all I'm thinking that the current team will improve from last year. By how much will determine how the players from last year develop in this off-season. I'm starting to believe that Jack Hillen will be the Islanders 7th defenseman, and Freddy Meyer's eventual replacement. Which leads to Greg's assessment that the Islanders will look for an enforcer, and keep him in Bridgeport: "
As for other trade targets, I suspect it might be for a more low-profile enforcer type who could go to Bridgeport."

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