Monday, July 27, 2009

Slow Day

For now, there really is not anything going on. Just a few morsels to nibble on.

The Governor of New York is currently at the Coliseum, promoting the Light House Project.

The only two UFA players that are making any kind of headlines in Islanders Country appear to be Miro Satan, and Jason Williams. No names mentioned for a defenseman.

Satan I've already stated, so I'll move on to Jason Williams. From my take, he's a soft player, who needs talent around him to make him better. His skating is not great, but he can score goals, which is something this team is lacking. But do the Islanders need another 3rd liner? I don't think so.

Comeau is the only reason, why these two players are being mentioned. Satan and Williams may be more affordable for one year, a good trade deal later on in the season, and they can build up their value for next year. Comeau, if not signed, may end up playing in Europe this year, since he's already turned down a one-way contract, and is obviously looking for more money.

That would be a major step back for him, and his future, just ask Bergenheim.

The Islanders need first line talent. They may have it this year in Okposo, and maybe later on in Tavares. That's what this year will determine. This off season is still very much alive, and it continues into training camp. Fans need to stay patient, and let things unfold. The Islanders still have plenty of cap space, which could lead to a trade, or they will continue to acquire free agents at great deals. Nevertheless, the Islanders still need to tweak the team a little more for fans to be excited about.

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