Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The DP Factor

Both Point Blank, and Islanders Independent have good stories on DP today.

To summarize both is actually easy. DiPietro may not be ready to play by the start of the season. That's why Roloson was signed to a starting goaltender's salary for the next two years. The other decision by the Islanders was to sign Philly Phantom goalie Scott Munroe to a contract. That leaves the Islanders with a starting goaltender, and probably a good number 2. Roloson will play in most of the games with or without DiPietro, so both Roloson and Munroe signed and ready to play at the NHL level, is a much better combination than last years duo of MacDonald, and Danis. So Kudos goes to Garth Snow.

To make sure there is enough depth on the team in Bridgeport, the Islanders drafted second rounder Mikko Koskinen, who will be playing along side Nathan Lawson, who also was a happy surprise last year for the Islanders. They also drafted Anders Nilsson, and still have a few from previous drafts, that make this a very deep team in goal. So for those who wanted the Islanders to build from the goaltender out, you got your wish.

Here is my take. With Roloson signed for the next two years, that is how long Rick DiPietro has to fully recover, get rid of the rust, and become the starting goaltender again. With this current youth movement, and improvement out of the NHL cellar, there should not be a rush, like last year's mistake, and not have Rick step on the ice until he is 100% healthy.

If this team does improve during the course of the year and Dipietro is fully recovered, you now have folks what I will call the "DP Factor." You still have Roloson playing in the majority of games, but now you have another stellar starting goaltender as the backup. Not even the best teams in the East, nor League for that fact, will light up the lamp as much as they would like to. Not only will this give the Islanders a chance to win every game, but they just might be able to steal (highway robbery!!!) more than just a few games.

The Islanders have DiPietro under contract for a long term investment. They already have seen the consequences of rushing him and having an ill-ready DiPietro play for them. Don't risk short term gain with your long term investment.

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