Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charles Wang On WFAN

For those of you who missed the interview with Charles Wang on WFAN, or for those who would like to know what's going on with the Islanders plans on the Lighthouse Project, the team, and their future, please listen here. Later on in the evening, I will have my take on what, and how I thought of the interview, while also trying to have my own opinion on what will be the future of this team.

UPDATE 11:34PM: Just a few thoughts about what i thought of the whole interview. First and foremost, Mike Francesa was not prepared to interview Charles Wang. Too many mistakes were made, including a mislead about DiPietro being out the entire season. Francesa continued to ask the same questions, over and over again, with the interview quickly becoming a bore.

This comment came from Jim Baumbach of Newsday: "Francesa really knows very little about the Lighthouse Project and the issues surrounding it. He also seems to pushing Kate Murray's talking point that he should rebuild Nassau Coliseum instead of the Lighthouse Project. Which leaves out the fact that Nassau County owns the Coliseum, not Wang. Francesa has as much right to re-do the Coliseum as Wang does."

That right there folks is the big deal, Nassau, not Wang owns the Coliseum. Wake up Nassau, and Hempstead and make the right choices on August 4th, and October 3rd.

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