Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Make The Trade Now

If Garth Snow wants to make a trade, do it now. Whoever he wants to get, make the trade before the Islanders start on their 7 game home stretch. The Islanders have three great lines with Tambellini, Kozlov and Satan. There is no need for a second line center at this point with Tambellini forming a great mix on that line. Go for the big gun Snow, just dont trade away the farm. Ever since Yashin went out with the knee injury, everyone has contributed. Now its time to get someone in for Blake and Yashin when he returns so the Islanders really have a legitimate scoring first line. Okay now I have mentioned before who we should get, but if I had to go for two guys with the most availablilty right now, it would be Guerin or Anson Carter. I think Guerin could be a great "dream" move and if the Islanders aquired him, this is a post first round team in the playoffs. Carter is the wild card. When Carter is on, he finds the back of the net often, but he's not as physical as he should be. Either way, he's a better fit for a first line then Chris Simon is. Carter may also be more affordable then Guerin as well. But if the Islanders really want to make a statement in this years playoffs, then get a big gun winger and do it now. This team is ready to break out and make a big push during the homestand and need the firepower now.

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