Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blake To Be Traded

Lets also remember fans that Yashin is returning soon from his knee injury, and there are only two players in this organization who can play with him: Blake and Nilsson. Having Yashin back is like a major trade that never happened but will help the team. If you trade Blake now, and that first line doesnt gell, this could be a short post season. Snow must be very careful who he wants for Blake. Draft picks/prospects dont help a first line right now, they're good for the future, which this team already has. If Snow does pull the trigger, make sure it's for a top six forward, preferably a winger who can score. What also doesnt make sense is that if the Islanders are trading for offense, which is what they need, why are we giving up our top goal scorer this season? Are we gonna rely on Nilsson to suddenly put up big numbers when he gets here. Do the Islanders want to risk that? Another question into consideration is will this next person be able to play with Yashin? My best example: Miro Satan. The Islanders brought him here for Yashin and it never really panned out. Fans will have to watch what happens next, but I dont see the Islanders trading Blake.

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