Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Buyers Or Sellers

The Islanders sit 4 points behind Carolina for the 8th seed in the conference as of this post, and are currently undefeated in regulation going 4-0-3. They play Philly tonight, which should help the Islanders in the standings. The question is simple: Should the Islanders be buyers or sellers? My answer is.....buyers, but i think the Islanders should look at low-risk, high reward player(s), or in hockey terms, a rental player(s). So what do the Islanders need then if they are to be buyers? Garth Snow has already indicated a second line center and a winger for the top line. Defense according to him from Newsday, said he likes the defense as it is with the return of Poti, and Gervais returning. I think with the unrestrited free agents out there, the Islanders most pressing need would be a top winger. Ther're a ton of wingers out there, but I think the Islanders will persue the following: Bertuzzi, Geuren, Lapointe, Carter, Doan, and maybe Modin. Yeah I know big splash there. The problem is, the teams trading these players will want more in return then the players worth. That's why bringing up someone like Jeff Tambellini from the minors is a good move for now. The kid has 3 points in 3 games, ride with the kid and maybe you wont need to trade for one of those big name wingers. As far as a second line ceneter goes depends on the winger the Islanders get in the trade. The Islanders should look at bringing back a former Islander: Bryan Smolinski, or...... yes, i'm saying this, Pierre Turgeon. Smolinski, Satan, Kozlov will definitly have teams paying attention to that line. If Smoliski is not available, or if we get a star winger, and need an inexpensive rental, and probably sell a few more tickets at the coliseum to give him a fond farewell, then I think the Islanders should go after Turgeon. He's been a healthy scratch in Colorado, and would only be worth a low draft pick in this years draft. He knows the atmosphere at the coliseum during the playoffs, and will defenitly give the fans something to watch. Now, i know Snow is not really looking for blueline help, but i would love to see if he could pick up Bryan Berard for the playoffs. He hasnt played at all this year, would prob be worth another pick, and Berard can at least come back for the playoffs, and showcase what he still has left. Berard would certainly help out on a powerplay that has not been great with scoring defensman on this team, and Berard would only be used on the third defensive pairing when Martinek returns, so Berard wont be under a lot pressure coming in. The Islanders would be more solid with Berard in the lineup than Gervais. If the Islanders do get players of this caliber, then they will give Buffalo or New Jersey a run for their money in the playoffs. But this should not hurt the core of the team, and if the Islanders do lose in the first round, then they would've only given up low round picks, and nothing else....depending on if the Islanders get a top name winger of course.......stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

great blog!!!! I truly enjoyed it and agree with pretty much everything you said besides the gervais comment. I think gervais needs this exposure to grow as a player, while i want the isles to go as far as they can, i do not want to risk the future for a possible 2nd round playoff shot. I do however think a guerin type player would be the best fit for us, he would be able to go on the yashin line and provide what simon does not, a scoring touch, we need the kind of player who plays with heart and yet can take the body. while i do not dislike simon, i do not think he fits the first line theme at all.

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