Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Move On The Way?

Glad Snow finally made a trade, and a good one. Now he has maybe one more to go. In all honesty since going 6-2-2 in the last 10 games, including Pitt today, eventually getting Yashin back will be like making a trade. Many of you already think that Blake does work well with Yashin, so why not keep both, and make one more trade for that winger that we're all craving for? That would give the Islanders four solid lines that could really make it difficult for any team to beat us. I'd hate to ruin the speculation but i dont forsee Blake leaving anytime soon, he's the only one working with Yash. You know if Blake wants to stay loyal with the Islanders, Wang will resign him. Having said that....Look for the Islanders to make one more trade for the forward to play along side Yashin and Blake. The Islanders do have quite a few defenseman on their team so the obvious thought is that one of them will be dealt. But this blogger will not get into speculations.

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