Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What Will Garth Do?

After doing some research, I can tell you this much. Assuming that the Islanders do not trade any of their picks, look for them to draft 4 players ranked in the top 35 of the ISS scouting report rankings. That alone will be a nice boost for the development of this organization. Now the question is: who will they pick?

For now, there is a 33 percent chance the Islanders will draft John Tavares. Why that number? Because Tavares, Hedman, and Duchene, have visited Long Island, and no one else will be getting that kind of treatment. It could be that close.

My thought: More like 50-50. I think Tavares is a better, long lasting player, than Duchene, and he just came on the scene, possibly as a smoke screen just to keep Tavares away from the Island. Duchene may be that good, but I also believe there will be an uproar from the fans if the Islanders decide to pick Duchene and not Tavares or Hedman.

End result: Either player will dramatically improve this team for next year. Tavares has the edge because he'll sell more tickets, and he's a sniper that has been missing for the last few years since Blake has left.

Next entry will be on the next first round pick the Islanders have.

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