Wednesday, June 03, 2009

After The First Overall Pick

In order to stick to my theory that the Islanders will be picking a top 25 ISS ranked player, with the 26th overall pick, I had to look at Bridgeport and looked at the depth that they have, and then look at the Islanders roster to determine the type of player the Islanders need with the next first round pick.

For now I don't see a top 4 defenseman being drafted and playing for the Islanders next year. The Islanders need offense and drafting Tavares with the first overall pick will certainly help, but the Islanders need more help in that department.

If Tavares is selected, the center position is stocked for the next 5-7 years. Period. Let Trivino develop, and any of the other centers stay at the Bridge until called upon.

That leaves us at the wing position. Personally, I see one 25-30 goal scorer on this team that plays wing, Okposo. So a scoring winger with a potential of at least 25-30 goals is needed, from either side will be just fine.

A few wingers who may be available who would certainly help are the following in no particular order:

Zach Kassian: 6-3; 205 lbs, and he's a power forward. Can tackle the big boys, and score goals

Carter Ashton: 6-4 212 lbs, also a power forward. Great size and scores.

Chris Kreider: will be attending Boston College next year, but a good pick for two years down the road.

Carl Klingberg, 6-3 205 lbs. Great skater, and can start and finish plays; could be a big time scorer.

Jeremy Morin, 6-1 189 lbs. The best goal scorer behind Tavares, and can skate like the wind.

Any one of those five player with the 26th pick would be a jolt into the Islanders organization. Now the Islanders may trade up to get one of these players, or someone else that they had in mind.

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