Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just In Case........

I was listening to Billy Jaffe on NHL Live yesterday, and I was able to get his thoughts about what the Islanders may do with the second first round pick. He had suggested the Islanders may pick a defenseman, which I'm ready to believe Billy, but would rather see the Islanders go for another forward. Having said that, just in case the Islanders do draft a defenseman, here are five that I hope the Islanders can draft, at least one of them:

Kulikov, 6-1 195 pounds. Rock solid, and they're saying could be NHL ready.

Despres 6-4 214 pounds. Hard hitter, and playes sound defense.

Erixon 6-2 190 pounds. Has NHL blood lines from his father, great defensive mind.

Clark 6-3 205 pounds. Could be a second round pick, but Jankowski was scouting him along ith Duchene.

Olsen: 6-2 205 pounds. Another possible second rounder, but has an overall package.

If the Islanders come away with two of these players, we're looking at a stocked defensive core for the long term.

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