Monday, April 13, 2009

Season Completed

The Islanders finally finished the season yesterday losing to Boston 6-2. Now the fans can move on to tomorrow where they will find out where their beloved team will be picking at the draft on June 26th. Many want Tavares should the Islanders pick first. If the Islanders do not get that first overall pick, look for Victor Hedman to be the Islanders choice. The only thing that most fans should not expect this year is this: Snow should not trade the pick for a package of anything. Hedman will be a cornerstone defenseman for any team in this league.

Trading any pick in the first or second overall pick is insane, and foolish, no matter how good the other top players are in the draft. The Islanders already have 11 picks in this years draft: two in the first round and the first pick in the second round, who could have the potentail of being first round quality.

The Islanders need to stick to the plan and continue drafting properly for this franchise to succeed.

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