Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How About The Defense

There is a reason why I did not put the defense as a "What is needed" category yesterday was because most, if not all of them fell into the "Need to be healthy" category. If this defense can remain healthy from beginning to end, this can have potential to be the best shut down defense in the division. Is there room for improvement? Of course. Then who do they need?

My choice is not Mike Komisarek. In fact, I would love the Islanders to grab Johnny Oduya from the Devils. Nothing against Komisarek, but unless he can be had at a hometown discount, I think Oduya would be a nice top 4 fit for this team. He can be physical, and score goals, and would compliment up and coming Bruno Gervais.

If this team stays healthy, I think you'll see more goals come from Gervais, Martinek and Meyer, which will take the pressure off Streit, and adding a player like Oduya can give a bigger physical presence along with Witt and Sutton. By the way, did I mention he can score goals also?

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