Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garth To Consider All Options

According to Newsday, Garth Snow will take phone calls from other teams, interview 5 or 6 players, and then consider the options before making an announcement on draft day, June 26th 2009. So unlike Tampa Bay last year, who announced Steven Stamkos at the draft lottery last year, the Islanders will keep their cards close to them.

For some younger Islanders fans, this is a migraine for another two months. For some older fans, this is exactly what Snow should be doing. The year is 1974, and then Islanders GM Bill Torrey has the first overall selection in the draft. He has not made his decision on who he will pick, which leads Montreal, with the number two pick, to have a lengthy conversation with him. In the end, Torrey was keeping the pick, he just wanted to hear what the offers were and selected Dennis Potvin.

Let Snow do his job, and then judge him after the draft. Tune in to Versus at 8:00 tonight, to see where the Islanders will draft, then let the scenarios start piling up.

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