Sunday, July 13, 2008

Put Up Or Shut Up For Nolan

This Nolan vs Snow debate must stop. Nolan had his chance with his veterans last year, and did not make the playoffs, granted injuries can be used but only so far. When you have a beat up team, and you have fresh, unproven, young players, use them to their fullest potential. Nolan did not do that last year.

Now we still have unproven players because of their limited use of ice time from last year, less veterans on this team, and he's forced to coach with the team he has now. Good for the kids.

Nolan brought this on himself. Had he used the kids when they were available more, Snow would already know by now who is ready for the NHL and who still needs work, or whether Snow should part ways with a young player.

Nolan actually gets three veterans this year because i believe Sim is a new free agent ready to play a full season, so Nolan is getting as many veterans as he did last year.

Snow has put Nolan in a position where Nolan has a play making center, and a powerplay quarterback defensman for the young players to learn from. If Nolan can't get this team to even stay in the hunt past December, then he does not deserve a contract extension.

A good coach learns to accept what he has, and can adapt to his players in order for the team to win.

Snow has already proven he has the potential to be a great GM by addressing the needs of the organization this year. Nolan needs to prove to the Islanders that he can adapt without comments, and let his coaching ability do the talking, cause that's the only skill that will get Nolan a new extension.

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