Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fouth!!!

First off....Happy Fourth of July everybody!!!!!

Ponder this today.......Boyle on the trade block. We should go after him. Would put us in a great spot defensively.

For me, Boyle/McCabe....not much of a difference in terms of no-trade clauses, McCabe is prob more money, and either one would improve this teams overall defense just for the simple fact either one could play more games than Martinek and Gervais combined.

I'll bet you this: If Toronto does not sign Sundin to a contract, and we can't get Boyle, the Isles will go after McCabe.

Toronto will lose without Sundin, and want McCabe gone. Why not accommodate a team that is not going anywhere but down, and give them cap space on second tier players this year of what's left in the free agent market?

I'm not saying I want this to happen, but don't be surprised.

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