Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big Year For Nolan

The bottom line to Nolan is this:

He's in his final year of his contract. He needs to make himself look good to the rest of the NHL by doing what he needs to do with the Islanders, and that's coach the heck out of this team to their fullest potential.

If he does that, and the Islanders management feels that they should move in another direction, then at least he made an effort, and should be considered for other coaching positions.

If he does not coach to his fullest because of disagreements with Snow, and he's fired as Steady already has predicted during this season, he'll have trouble getting another job coaching in this league again.

This is all up to Nolan. If he coaches his heart out, he'll be a consideration to coach again if not with the Islanders.

Don't coach......he's finished

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