Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thanks Again Dubie

This past week showed us why the Islanders need Dubie. When was the last time there was an Islanders goaltender with a .500 percentage or a winning record in a single season? Yes it is Garth Snow, but he did it in the 2001-2002 season. Snow's record at the end of that season was 10-7-2. So why is this so important? Let's remember a bit here. 2006, the backup was still Snow, but his record was 4-13-1. He was replaced the following year in 2007 by Mike Dunham, who did not make that much of a difference posting a 4-10-3 record. What's my point? The Islanders finally have a goaltender that can backup a team when their superstar goalie goes down. Dubielewicz career is short, but has a winning record at 11-7-1. Not bad, but you know that the players will be behind him if he is to be called upon once more.

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